12 Gender Neutral Baby Names

If you are looking at baby names and feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Picking the perfect name for your new bundle of joy can be daunting, especially if you haven’t had one picked out for years. Another thing that can weigh heavily is choosing one that allows your child to feel a sense of freedom from their own name. As the times change, it has become more and more common to offer up gender neutral names for your children. From actors and actresses to your own friends, these options not only break the constraints of single sex choices, but let you have fun with spellings and nicknames.

These gender-neutral baby name ideas also come in handy if you choose to keep the sex of your baby a surprise, or if you’re starting to think of names before you know yourself! While there are hundreds of options, the names below are a jumping off point for possibilities.


1. Charlie - This simple and fun name can work for boys or girls, and you can play with the spelling.

2. Jordan - An equally masculine and feminine name that’s also fun and modern.

3. Dylan - In the past this was more commonly a male name, but over the years has been associated with boys and girls alike.

4. Ryan - Though it depends from the meaning “little King,” this name can also be used in a feminine presence.

5. Billie or Billy - For many years this name has been applied to both sexes, and you can change the spelling accordingly to suit whichever you want.

6. Taylor - The spelling can remain the same for boys and girls, and is equally feminine or masculine for an easy choice.

7. Jesse or Jessie - Another name that can be spelled however you choose to represent your preference.

8. Blake - Everyone from famous actresses to professional athletes hold this name, and it doesn’t require any decision making on how to write it out!

9. River - If you are looking for something a little more unusual but just as special, this name works for either gender and is a unique option.

10. Dakota or Dakotah - You can seek inspiration on neutral baby names from places you’ve been or loved, as well as from old texts or movies. This name is a lovely example and again can be adjusted to your preferences.

11. Reece or Reese - No one would judge if you chose this name for your favorite candy, but its origins come from the name Rhys.

12. Riley or Raleigh- While there are several different spellings for this one, it is a great example of a neutral name that encompasses both masculine and feminine properties.



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