5 Virtual Gender Reveal Party Ideas

While adjusting to the age of Zoom, FaceTime, and House Party in place of, well, actual parties has been a learning curve, but it does not mean you can’t still throw some awesome shindigs. It may be frustrating that your friends and family are not able to gather in the same room physically, but big moments still deserve their share of attention. Gender reveals are one such moment, and it can be fun and easy to throw a truly epic virtual celebration that everyone can enjoy. These seven gender reveal party ideas are phone, computer, and tablet friendly, so you can still share the excitement without the risk of sharing anything else! Check out these fun suggestions to add to your list.


Box It Up

You can have your doctor help out with this one by giving them two different items (one blue, one pink for example) and put it into a box, chest, special holder or anything that can be sealed with your ultrasound. Once they return it to you, you can hop on the video call of your choice with your loved ones to share a truly special moment unveiling the gender of your baby! As an aside, while pink and blue are the traditional colors to note your baby’s sex, you can use any colors you want as long as you fill everyone in on which is which!


Take The Cake

This one is self-explanatory, but just in case you need a little guidance you can easily ask any local bakery to create a confectionary treat with a gender reveal color as the inside! Cut into it while your loved ones look on and get ready for shouts of happiness.


Snap, Crackle and POP

A popular pick with most reveal parties is the balloon pop, which lets you fill up a darker colored, non-descriptive balloon with confetti. Gather everyone on Zoom or the like, find something sharp and let the festivities begin!


Shine Bright

While virtual parties are a great way to share your news, you can also involve people in a way that lets everyone get out of the house for some fresh air. “Drive by” parties have become more of a common occurrence, and you can use one during a reveal by stringing up different colored Christmas lights, lanterns or anything that can reflect your chosen color. Pick a specified time after dark when friends and family can drive by, then flick on the lights to share!


You Won The Lottery

If you want people to feel involved but some are too far to drive by, you can also send out lottery style cards that let people reveal the news for themselves. Custom cards can be ordered off the internet, then mailed to your loved ones so they can open and see at their leisure!

No matter how you share your special news, everyone will be so happy to be part of the big day despite the distance!

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