Six Fun Photo Ops to Take Advantage Of With Your Newborn

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. As a new parent, people tell you not to blink or you will miss something because time passes so quickly. While it can be easy to get caught up in building routines or worrying about those sleepless nights, it’s always a good idea to snap as many photos as you can. Being able to look back on your time with your newborn as they get older is such a precious thing, and one day when they are grown up you will want to be able to savor those memories as much as possible.

It is easy to snap photos as you go through your day, but there are some special moments you should capture especially to cherish over the years. The day to day snaps are priceless, but these newborn photo ops will give you a chance to remember the small milestones you might not stop to appreciate otherwise.

The “411”


You’ve seen it everywhere on social media — those oh so cute shots of a newborn with all their info like their height, weight, etc. This lets you share all your baby’s “stats” with friends and family, and you can constantly update it as they grow! Add your own personal touches with cute accessories and outfits.

The Dreamy Swaddle


You can choose a cute swaddle and a color palette, then create a charming backdrop on a soft carpet, bed or any cozy surface. Add in flowers or other fun creations to make it as whimsical as you want — remember this is something you will gaze at for years wishing you could go back in time to that moment!

Board Games


You can choose your own “media” but some ideas include a blackboard, cards, scrabble tiles or mini movie marquee boards (also called felt boards). You can write anything you want on these, and update them as your baby grows. Start simple and work your way up, or share everything so your loved ones can feel involved!

Rock A Bye Baby


There are countless “sleeping” pictures you can snap, but some popular and timeless ones include the “chin resting on their hands” pose, sleeping in a cute basket (or any other cute spot) or the snuggle picture of your newborn with their favorite sleepy time toy. Nothing is more precious than a sleeping babe, but these photos just make them that much sweeter.

Holiday Fun


If festive seasons are some of your favorite times of year, having a new addition to the family will make them that much more fun. Use the holidays to dress up your adorable baby in themed outfits, or just use decorations as a backdrop for special occasions and great snap shots.

Family Time


Don’t forget to include some group pictures in your collection of baby mementos. You can create precious memories by hiring a photographer, or just asking a friend to take a couple candid and posed pics. If you have older kids, make sure to include some smile-inducing sibling options. Cheeky signs, funny antidotes or cute jokes always make for a good holiday card!



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