Bringing Home Your New Baby

As you prepare to welcome your new baby into the world, it can be easy to get caught up in the milestones and gearing up for being a parent (either for the first time or all over again). While there are lots of things to think about, getting your home ready for when you return with your new bundle of joy might not make the top of the list. However, it is a very important step and will ensure you and your baby’s transition after birth is smooth and comfortable. This basic list will help you create a stress-free environment so you can focus on your sweet newborn and give yourself some well-deserved rest once you get home.

Clean House

This isn’t necessarily in the most basic sense, although giving everything a deep clean means less clutter and mess when you arrive home or even after your home birth. The less there is to tidy after your baby is born, the less you have to worry about when those sleepless nights inevitably kick in. However, things like cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator to rid yourself of food that might go off will also save you time you might not have later on.


It is a good idea to wash everything you can ahead of time, including bedding and towels, so you can focus on the daily joys of your newborn without running out of clothes. Make sure to launder your baby’s blankets and any clothes you bought them, too, so when the time comes to use them all you have to do is pick a color or print.

Prep Your Pack

Having a hospital bag ready and waiting for your big day is essential. On top of your toiletries, change of clothes, and electronics, make sure you add swaddles and onesies so you can outfit your newborn during your stay and after. Keep your things by the door or somewhere they are easy to grab when the time comes!

Safety Is Key

It is not imperative to kid-proof your home right away, but it’s never a bad idea to do a sweep of your home and note things that will need to be fixed in the future. As your baby grows, you might have less time to focus on little things like cabinet closures and electrical sockets, so doing it while you still have free time might help your future self out.

Leave Notes

If you plan to have help after you give birth from a friend or partner and are particular about how certain things are done, it could help to leave them notes so they can do it your way. If there are things you couldn’t get to before you have your baby, post-its or self-written letters will ease your mind and serve as great ways to remember to do them when you have time.

Bringing home your baby for the first time is a truly special moment, and if you prep beforehand you can really enjoy it without having to think about anything else.

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