Four Must-Have Essentials When Packing your Hospital Bag

When your big moment arrives, it can range from chaos to sheer excitement to even a practiced exit strategy, but one of the most important pieces is your ‘go-bag’ filled with your essentials for the hospital. Packing much needed items such as IDs and phone chargers as well as the comforts from home all count toward making your birthing experience something to remember. So what is essential vs. excessive, and what is a good list of items to pack in your hospital bag? This list covers everything from both sides, so you can decide what you want with you as you bring your baby into the world.

IDs, Insurance cards and medical paperwork

The first two are obvious, but if you keep them in a separate bag it might be wise to keep your wallet or purse nearby to your go-bag to ensure they are accessible. Call ahead to your doctor or hospital to make sure they don’t require extra paperwork to avoid multiple trips for your partner.

Smart phone, video camera and chargers

Most of us use our phones to capture special moments, but there is nothing worse than a dead battery missing out on the incredible time when you first see your gorgeous baby. Keep a charger in the bag, along with an extension cord if you have it to help if your bed isn’t too close to an outlet. If you own a video camera, or even a go-pro, it might be worth bringing it along to film those moments in between that may not feel special at the time, but will be worth everything later down the line. Besides, birthing can be considered an extreme sport, hence the Go-Pro.

Home comforts

Throwing a speaker, a pillow from home and a journal in your bag can help with “down time,” and add a calming vibe to the room. Plus, the journal is a great way to document your journey should you have the time. *Make sure the pillow case isn’t white to help with everyday wear.

Toiletries and changes of clothes

Bring a bag of toiletries filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair accessories (brush, headbands, etc.) and glasses if you wear contacts. Pack a change of clothes for your partner, as well as 2 or 3 nightgowns for yourself, a pair of slippers, socks and a robe so you can walk around unhindered. You should also bring a change of clothes for when you leave the hospital, as well as comfortable underclothes to help make nursing easier.

While there are hundreds of other things you can and might want to pack, having these hospital bag essentials for mom ready to go when the time comes will give the experience a sense of ease. At such an exciting time, it can be easy to overlook the little thing11s, so give yourself the gift of preparation. Families opt for all different methods when it comes to packing their ‘go-bags,’ so make sure to discuss everything together as you prepare for your next great adventure.

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