How to Prevent Heat Rash in Infants

As summer begins to warm up, learn how to prevent heat rash in newborns. There can be a lot to consider when it comes to keeping your infant healthy and happy in the heat. One main concern of many parents is heat rash, as it can happen for a variety of reasons. While heat rash can occur easily, it is also easy to prevent, and can sometimes be avoided by changing simple things you might not even have known were contributing factors.

While heat rash is not dangerous on its own, it can lead to complications, so it is imperative to keep an eye on any symptoms and do everything you can to cool your baby’s body temperature down and heal the rash if it occurs. Infant’s smaller pores become clogged more easily than older children’s, which can cause heat rash and discomfort.

Prevention can be simple, and these tips will help keep your newborn from suffering the irritation that comes from overheating, especially in warmer climates.

Comfortable, loose clothing

Tight clothing, especially in the heat, can easily contribute to a rash. During the day, make sure to keep an eye on your baby’s skin, especially if they are wearing tighter or heavier clothing. It is best to use light weight, looser fits in hot temperatures. If your baby ever wakes up with a rash, it could be because they are wearing too many layers during sleep. Try using less layering  at night to see if that prevents it from getting worse.

Make sure your baby is hydrated

It is important to keep your infant hydrated, be it with milk or if they are of an age where they can have water, with that too. Ensuring your baby is hydrated will help prevent them from overheating.

Try to avoid direct sunlight and hot cars

Because your baby’s carseat faces the rear of the car in the backseat, it can be difficult to get proper air flow. This can cause sweating, especially in folds and where tighter clothing sits, which in turn could cause heat rash. Avoid spending too long in the car in hot weather when possible. If you’re outdoors on a warm day, seek out cooler shaded areas or try to opt for an afternoon inside, instead.

Portable fans

You can add fans to your baby’s sleeping area that will help keep them comfortable during warm evenings. It might be helpful to bring a portable fan on outings to help cool them down, as well.


While heat rash can’t always be avoided, changing certain routines might help prevent it and keep your infant from the discomfort that comes with. If you think your baby might have heat rash, make sure to keep an eye on it and contact your doctor if their temperature gets high or the rash gets worse.

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