Mother's Day Ideas

The time to celebrate mothers everywhere is near, and there’s no better time to come up with some creative activities the whole family can enjoy together. Whether you spend the day outdoors or create your very own spa day in the house, there are plenty of ideas to make this the most memorable Mother’s Day yet.

For The Outdoorsy Ones

If the mom(s) in your family love a little time outside, why not create a whole day (or weekend) based around activities you can do in nature. You can combine things like nature walks, hikes, outdoor cookouts, and game days to make the time feel full of laughter and excitement. Invite your friends and family to a nearby park or outside area that offers both shade and grass so you can play and eat in comfort while still enjoying the sunshine. If you prefer to do things in the evenings, plan a barbecue in the backyard where everyone brings a favorite dish potluck style. Make the day all about mom by bringing presents, flowers, and decorations to show her how much she means to the family!

For The R&R Types

If your everyday lives as a family are a little chaotic, why not introduce some relaxation stations for a Mother’s Day treat in your home. Having fun items like face masks, calming music or movies, tasty snacks, and maybe even some group yoga or other calming activities will help de-stress and bring everyone a little closer.

For The Food Lovers

Does your family love sweets and treats? Then why not indulge in a little baking day where everyone can try to create their favorite dishes together? Look up recipes online to find a few different concoctions that everyone will love, and grab all the ingredients to make them from scratch. Mom can either join in, or sit back and relax while everyone whips up a tasty meal that can be shared as a family from start to finish.

For The Crafty People

You can channel your family’s inner artists by setting up a craft day to celebrate mom. Everyone can try their hand at painting, or creating masterpieces from any materials found in the house or at a nearby art supply shop. You can set a theme (make mom a homemade gift) or do a family paint activity where everyone tries to recreate the same painting with YouTube tutorials.

No matter what you decide to do, you can make this Mother’s Day special by spending it together in new and creative ways. As long as she gets to be around family, her day will be nothing but amazing.

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