Seven Ways to Bond With Your Baby

Even before you laid eyes on your baby, you felt a bond with them as a mother that was incredibly special. As they grow, both you and they will continue to strengthen that connection over time. But there are ways you can incorporate others to bond, too, and bring an even bigger love to the relationship you share with your infant. Any kind of family member, adoptive parents or close friends can work to instill a loving relationship from an early age that will last a lifetime. Sometimes it can take awhile to form a strong bond, but it is a marathon, not a race, and these tips can help encourage healthy emotional attachment from day one.


Giving your baby a massage is a sure way to create a physical closeness and encourage a healthy growth pattern. There are a number of ways to help stimulate their muscles and make them continually comfortable, but as long as you are gentle and loving they will love the connection.

Skin to Skin

Newborns feed off the comfort of skin on skin bonding for a variety of reasons. Being in close proximity with a loved one releases a number of positive reactions, including oxytocin which instills a being with happiness. The security of skin to skin contact also works as a stress release.

Crying Response


When your baby cries, nurturing them and offering comfort is an incredible way to show them you are present and there for them. Picking them up early on in response to crying will instill a sense of trust.

Mirror Mirror

Looking into a mirror with your infant will fill them with the same sense of wonder they get when simply looking at you. They will explore their own face alongside yours, offering a new sensory development to share together.

Maintain Eye Contact

Keep your eyes locked on your babies when they feed to help teach them communication skills. It may sound strange, but often eye contact teaches newborns about gestures, reactions and interactions.


Mixing several techniques, this age old bonding ceremony brings you and your baby’s skin together for comfort, and both of you can benefit from the extreme intimacy breastfeeding can bring.

Sharing your voice

Offering up songs, talking to your baby or even reading to them gives them a chance to hear your voice- something they will come to know very well as they grow. It will also help them develop and understand the world around them the older they get.

There are a number of ways to bond with your new baby, and the more you try the more rewarded you will be as your relationship strengthens over time.



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