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These days it feels like the world is run by screens more than face to face interactions. Even those can be done through a phone, tablet or computer. As you begin to shift into a lifestyle dominated by tech, it can sometimes feel overwhelming for both you and your family as a whole. As kids get older, their time is split between television, video games or any number of distractions. Because of this, it is more important than ever to set aside time with your friends and loved ones that isn’t based around screen time. This list of ideas will give everyone a good old-fashioned dose of fun, without the pixels.

Game Night

Try setting aside one or two evenings a week where all the technology is traded for something that requires engagement. Head to the store and grab some board games or teach your young ones fun card games like Uno and Go Fish. While Monopoly can sometimes get extremely competitive, the bonding and laughter that comes with it will make precious memories that last a lifetime.

The Great Outdoors

Take time after dinners or on weekends to get outside with the family. Long walks in a local park or even a short drive to grab some ice cream together can bring a refreshing change to your evenings.

Cook Together

If you want to instill your children with useful skills, you can teach them to cook or let them help with smaller tasks during mealtimes deepening on their age. Find new recipes, then write them out so no tablets or phones are needed — just you, your family and the fresh ingredients required to make a delicious meal.

Story Time

Pull those old story or chapter books down from the shelves and have your kids gather around for story time. Take turns reading, or even have each member act out parts of the book that make a good scene. All the best movies come from books anyways, right?

Take A Trip

While it might be harder to get away these days, a short day trip on the weekends to a different setting will engage everyone’s sense of adventure. Leave behind the unnecessary tech and try going for a hike where service is spotty so everyone can get a little break from the sound waves and listen to nature instead.

Work It Out

Keeping your family happy and healthy both mentally and physically is super important, so spending time working out together is a great way to bond. Create an easy, kid friendly regime that lets the exercise feel fun, like jump rope, balance tests or short jogs to keep everyone fit and focused.

While screens dominate most of our lives, it can be extremely refreshing to take a step back and get back to basics. Which one do you want to try with your family first?

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