The Best Fabrics For Your Kids

These days you can find a variety of different fabrics in kid’s clothes, but which ones are best for your little ones? Avoiding things like heat rash and chaffing are important for many parents, and synthetic clothing can sometimes irritate children’s skin. If you’re shopping for fabrics that will be kind to your little one’s skin, this list will help you navigate the world of kid’s textiles.


Many companies are seeking sustainable options to create their brands with, and bamboo is considered a great source of fabric thanks to its ability to replenish. It can grow within a short timeframe, making it a viable option for creating clothing.


Cotton is gentle on the skin, and lightweight enough that it breathes in warm weather. Because it absorbs liquids, it won’t cause chaffing or discomfort, and is usually easy to wash.


Although this seems like a strange option for kid’s clothing, thanks to its ability to regulate body temperature, it is a good option for children to wear in warmer climates.


Wool has the advantage of being a fabric which can hold onto heat, making it ideal for colder weather. Some wool-based clothing can be itchy or uncomfortable, so make sure to test it on your child’s skin and try to find a mixture with other fabrics to break up the thick fibers.


Fleece offers a variety of bonuses, including warmth, easy care, and durability. Because of the soft texture, it is easy to wear and provides ample protection from cold weather.

If you are searching for textiles to incorporate in your child’s wardrobe, make sure to check out some of these options. It is a good idea to buy one or two pieces at a time to make sure their skin doesn’t react, and then once you know what works you can stock up on your favorite items!


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