Tips For Managing Anxiety As A New Parent

Anxiety - a word that has become a part of most people’s daily lives. If you are lucky enough not to suffer from some form of it, you have still probably heard friends and family members talk about their struggles. If you personally deal with it, you know how difficult it can be to live with. As a new parent, anxiety can seem like a never-ending feat thanks to the added worry of being completely present and nurturing for your infant. Anxiety can take any form, and sometimes it is easy to want to withdraw until it fades. But dealing with it and ensuring it doesn’t ruin your precious time with your baby is not too much to ask for, and these tips might help you find some reprieve. While this disorder can range from small moments of unease to crippling daily episodes, there is no reason you can’t work at turning the tides and gain some control over it, so it doesn’t control you.

Talking Through Your Concerns

One way to curb anxiety in general is to emote. Sharing your fears, worries or concerns can often give you solace. When it comes to feeling like you’re not meeting your goals as a parent or that something may be amiss with your baby, it is important to share. You can find comfort in your significant other or reach out to friends and family who can listen and offer advice that may quell your anxiety.


Make sure you are looking out for your needs as well as your baby’s, because without a self-care system your exhaustion can manifest as anxiety. Getting sleep when and as much as you can, will help relieve stress. If you can find a routine for your child’s sleeping patterns, you can rest when they do. Trying to carve out a little time to exercise can help too, as it releases endorphins and can give you a happiness boost.

Write It Down

The website recommends noting your “triggers” for negative thoughts. Anxiety can stem from deep fears or concerns, and it feeds off them, growing larger and scarier over time. The site suggests keeping a journal to write down moments or episodes and what could have created or “triggered” them, so you can avoid them in future or talk them out with a professional.

Seek Help

Like any home remedy, sometimes the problem is too big to handle without professional help. Seeking assistance from a doctor is far from embarrassing or looked down upon - if you are struggling to get a handle on severe anxiety due to parenting worries or other underlying reasons, a physician or therapist can help. Never hesitate to ask for help or support - that is part of what parenting is all about.

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