Weight Gain and Infants

There are a number of concerns you may experience as a new parent, but there are some worries that can be assuaged by knowing what to expect. Weight gain in infants can be a constant source of fret, but as long as you have an idea of what to see in terms of weight gain and loss in the first few months, you can get a better handle on when to see your doctor.

Infants who breast feed can weigh less than those who are formula fed. Neither way is right or wrong, but thanks to breast feeding allowing babies to stop eating when they are done, bottle feeding can sometimes cause them to simply finish what they are given. Newborns usually lose a bit of weight their first week, but they should begin to regain it the following week.

You can actually research what your baby’s weight range is via an online tool, (https://www.healthline.com/health/parenting/average-baby-weight#weight-chart) and your doctor will be able to gauge what steps to take in helping your infant maintain or gain weight.

If you feel there is room for concern, first and foremost reach out to your physician. You can also follow a few simply steps to ensure you’re doing all you can to fix the problem from home.

If you are breast feeding

Keep an eye on if your baby is staying awake while they eat. Maintaining a regulated feeding schedule will ensure they are receiving the proper amount of nutrients. Try to keep them engaged for around twenty to twenty five minutes, that way you can be sure they got a decent chance to eat.

It is important to make sure they are latching properly as well. There are specialist who can help if you feel your baby isn’t latching, and this will make sure they get the maximum amount of milk.

Make sure your breast milk supply is enough to provide for your infant. You can pump between feedings, increase the number of times you feed, or even add in formula if you feel there is not enough milk to help your baby gain weight.

If you use formula

Always make sure you are mixing your formula with the proper amounts, and following the guidelines on the packaging. It is easy to measure wrong, and can be an issue if formula is too expensive. This can result in a lack of caloric intake, and is an easy mistake to make.

Speak to your doctor

Lastly, if you still feel your baby is not gaining the proper amount of weight, speak to your doctor. They can check for underlying conditions, and give advice regarding different medical possibilities.

In closing

Don’t jump to any conclusions regarding the best way to feed your infant until you’ve spoken to your medical physician. There is always an answer or fix to ensure your loved one gains the proper amount of weight.



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