Baby gowns are the perfect hassle-free outfit that everyone will love once they own one! They make for calm and easy diaper changes, which is so important for those middle of the night changes. The bottom can be knotted to keep babies legs inside and warm, or left open to be used when swaddling or in the car seat. The envelope fold (or shoulder flaps) on these gowns make the outfit easy to pull down when a blowout inevitably happens. We also designed these gowns with fold over mitten cuffs to protect baby girl from scratching her face with those thin razor sharp nails of hers! Perfecting the whole ensemble these gowns will also come with the matching headband. These outfits really encompass our goal of being the most stylish without compromising practicality or comfort! 

PRO TIP: Dress baby from the feet up for a happier baby!

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