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      A little about me! My name is Megan. I'm based out of Tucson, AZ and I'm a mother to three children: two girls and one boy. I've always been a creative and artistic person. I've dabbled in everything from interior design, scrap booking, sign making and furniture restoration. However, it wasn't until having my children that I found my true passion and creative outlet: sewing!

      Many people ask how I began sewing. After all, it seems to be somewhat of a lost art in my generation. When I was a child I would spend summers with my grandma and we would do little sewing projects, but it was many years later that I had any real interest in starting my own projects. After my second daughter was born, I was on the search for matching outfits for them and was surprised on how difficult it was to find baby and toddler matching clothes. I've always been drawn to more unique, boutique looking clothing for children as well. So then I thought, I'm a creative person, I should try making these myself!

      That's when I decided to try my first sewing project as an adult. I bought a used sewing machine from a yard sale for $25. With the help of my grandmother who lives locally and many, many hours of YouTube videos, I completed my first set of dresses for the girls! I was hooked! To be able to take a rectangle of fabric and turn it into a beautiful piece of clothing is just so gratifying.

      My passion for sewing has grown so much that some may even call it an obsession! 😜 Since there are only so many dresses two little girls can have I then decided to open a shop and spread the joy! I started this shop at the beginning of 2016 and am so happy with the way it has flourished!

      I absolutely love what I do! I love that it allows me to contribute a little financially to my family and I love the special sentimental value that comes with making one-of-a-kind pieces for my girls and many other girls.

      Each and every piece is handmade. I take pride in every stitch that I make. I realize there are tons of options out there and I do not take any order for granted.

      I absolutely love seeing my creations on my customers, so please do share! I'm on Facebook and Instagram! The pictures truly warm my heart!

      Thank you for stopping by my shop!